The association is implicated active in supporting, informing and education of associated members through:

  • Conferences and information congresses;
  • Editing and distribution of materials with information;
  • Awarding scholarships,
  • Granting materials aids for diagnosis and treatment for associative members basis on some justificatory documents,

The association has a general assembly, which is the leading body composed by all members regardless of their quality.

The general assembly has the following competencies:

  • Establishes the strategy and general objectives of the association;
  • Approves the budget of revenues and expenditures and the balance sheet;
  • Elects and revokes the members of the Board of Directors;
  • Elects and revokes the Censors Commission;
  • Approves the establishment of subsidiaries;
  • Approves the amendment of the articles of association and the statute
  • Approves affiliation / association with other non-governmental organizations working to protect the property and interests of the parties.


All members of the Association have the right to vote.